Meet Our Team

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Andrew Core
Agency Owner

I have been in the insurance and financial services industry for six years. I love meeting new people and helping to educate people on what they really need to protect what they have and plan for their financial goals.

I grew up in the Kansas City, Missouri area. I moved to Eugene before my freshmen year in high school. I have lived in Eugene for 23 years now! I went to the University of Oregon and received my bachelor’s degree in Ecology before moving on to San Francisco State where I earned a Graduate Degree in Conservation Biology.

When I am not at work you’ll find me camping or taking road trips with my wife and kids. If it’s an outdoor activity, I’m in! I also really enjoy spending time with kids and watching them grow! I love introducing them to all the things I love, especially playing and listening to music.

I have a passion for food, I enjoy cooking all types of food and cook a large meal for my family every Sunday.

In terms of non-profits and charity, I’m a big supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. After my son was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in 2016, I have been a dedicated fundraiser.

Steven Greenheld
Customer Service Representative

My experience in the insurance business has not been a long one, yet. My daily goal is staying positive and providing our insured with the best possible experience. That’s what this industry is all about!

I grew up in the suburbs of Ventura County, California. Most of my days were spent rendezvousing with my friends, growing older, and eventually moving away to colleges and new cities.

What excites me most about my work is my diligent team!

Some things I truly enjoy are riding my bicycle and spending quality time with the people I love. When I combine them, I call that living in the moment.

When I’m not at work, you can usually find me at the gym, a friend’s house, or on the couch playing Fortnite.

One of my many guilty pleasures is that I like to daydream. I’ll daydream that I’m working as usual, then a villain comes in and I have to defend everyone, and an epic battle ensues.

I have spent a plethora of hours volunteering at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. It may seem counter-intuitive, but after a full day in the office, 2 hours at the club hosting games and events was the best way to wind down

Robert Cook

I grew up in Santa Cruz, CA and have lived in Eugene, OR for 14 years. I’ve been working for Andrew Core as a marketer for a year.

I enjoy my job as it presents me with new challenges and allows me to be goal oriented.

When I’m not working, I personally love to fish. It’s a very relaxing way to spend the weekend.

Fun fact about me? I eat two apples a day.

Andrea Hughes
Customer Service Representative

I started my insurance adventure with American Family in Roseburg, Oregon. Although I’ve worked with State Farm and Allstate, I have found my true home with Farmers and the Andrew Core Insurance Agency. Prior to starting in the insurance industry, I spent many years in sales and customer service, but was never able to help my customers at the level I would have liked. I was also never able to meet my customers in person. Through the insurance field, I love that I am able to help my customers more thoroughly, and I am able to form lasting friendships with my customers!

I grew up in Roseburg Oregon, and moved to Corvallis Oregon to go to college. I majored in Early Childhood Education. I ended up becoming a Storyteller while still in college, and I am still available for all your Storytelling needs! When I’m not at work, I’m usually spending time with friends and family, and learning new things. My dream job would be “Professional Student”! I also LOVE watching movies! If I’m not talking about movies or interesting things I’ve learned, you can catch me spending time with my family, eating good food, and sharing dank memes! I also love music, and other people’s interests! I LOVE sharing stories, it’s just the storyteller inside me! You might even find me singing every once in a while! In my spare time, I enjoy simple pleasures like dancing like no one is watching, or training squirrels for geo-political recon extractions.

I’m really passionate about volunteering with organizations that help children and animals!