Workplace Benefits Insurance


The employee benefits scheme is the most valuable asset for workers and their families. The work benefits scheme can compensate for nearly every health benefits, give programs to enhance the employee’s well-being as well as present other crucial insurance coverage. In the US today, most employees select which job to take based on the available job benefits. Workplace benefits include Long-term care insurance, Disability insurance, Accident insurance, Universal Life insurance, and Critical Illness/Cancer insurance. These benefits are the surest way to guarantee the employee a healthier lifestyle and financial security during the employment period.

Long-Term Care insurance

LTC or LTCI (Long-term care insurance) helps the employee pay for long-term care associated costs. In the US, long-term care insurance covers are not related to Medicaid, Medicare or health insurance.

Long-term care benefits can compensate for the employee or family member who is not traditionally sick, preferably is not able to conduct ADLs (six activities of daily living) for instance; toileting, walking, eating, bathing, transferring, continence, and dressing

Disability insurance

Disability Insurance is also called income protection or disability income insurance and is a form of an insurance scheme. Disability insurance safeguards the employee earned income from disability risks that may cause the worker not to complete work core functions.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance allows the employee to compensate for out-of-pocket costs and medical costs after major accidental injuries. Accident insurance involves medical exams, hospital stays, emergency treatment among other charges that the employee may face like lodging and transportation needs

Critical Illness or Cancer insurance

Critical illness or cancer insurance is also known as dread disease policy or critical illness cover. This form of insurance is a massive sum cash payment which the employee is compensated with when diagnosed with a particular disease on the predetermined insurance policy list. This insurance plan can also be customized to pay for regular income when the employee is undergoing a surgical procedure like a kidney transplant.

Universal Life insurance

Universal life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that presents a cost-effective term life insurance and life insurances savings element that is spent in a cash value buildup.